www wednesday

it’s time for my first www wednesday! hosted by ShouldBeReading :)

What are you reading right now?
What did you last finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


1. right now i’m readying guilty pleasures by laurell k. hamilton. it’s vampires and zombies and lycanthropes and all kinds of paranormal goodness! i posted about this in my teaser tuesday so you can see the cover below this post.

2. the last book i read was a perfect blood by kim harrison. i loved it! a perfect blood is book ten in her rachel morgan series. it’s a witch, a vampire, a pixy, their relationships, their adventures, and so much more. one thing i loved about the series was that to me the books stayed fresh. when you get that deep in a series, sometimes it seems like the characters do the same things over and over, go to the same places and have the same adventures. kim harrison continues to keep her adventures new, which i very much appreciate.

3. the book that i think i’ll read next is probably book two of laurell hamilton’s anita┬áblake series. i’m only a third of the way through the first book but i think it will get good. however, my mood might leave the paranormal realm by the time i finish, so who knows what i’ll read next! let me know what you think i should read :)

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teaser tuesday!

everyone please bear with me as i get my blog up and running. i’m going to start right off with my first teaser tuesday!

rules: current book, random page, two sentences from that page. no spoilers! make sure to post the name of the book so people can check it out if they want to.
i’m currently reading guilty pleasures by laurell k. hamilton. i’m not that far into it but i have high hopes for it.


“She stood there for a moment, looking ethereal and lovely like a painting. No sense of life but a thing of lovely lines and careful color.”
please comment with your teaser tuesday post and links to your blogs! hopefully this will be up and running soon. :)