random friday post

i don’t have any friday finds today, mainly because i’m in the middle of a series (night huntress by jeaniene frost, currently on book 2) and when i’m in a series i don’t even look at other books because i don’t want to be swayed from what i’m reading! i only have the attention span and memory for one book at a time :) sounds bad but it’s true. i have horrible short term memory.

anyway, instead of a friday finds, i thought i would maybe post some of my all-time favorite and least favorite books that might not be that well-known, that i know of at least. i love harry potter and john irving, but those are famous. i thought maybe some of these would be less well-known and someone might give them a try :)

Kissing in Manhattan – i love this book! it’s a book of linked stories, which i love. it’s awesome in the end when you find out how all of these individual stories and people are connected in the end. i’ve read some stuff about some people objecting to the book, but i really enjoyed it.

Like Water for Chocolate – so awesome. i know this was made into a movie and so people maybe have actually heard of this one, but i don’t care. i loved it. i also liked the movie, we watched it in one of my college english classes and then i bought the book from amazon. well, not actually amazon, from a random seller on amazong because i don’t think the book is in print anymore! it was worth it.

The Secret History – this is my favorite on the list. once again, not sure how well-known it is, but i had never heard of it when i read it. it’s slow in the beginning, but once you get through it, it’s SOOO worth it. i loved it. it makes you think, there’s drama, there’s relationships, there’s mystery.. yep. i read a lot of reviews that hated and i read a lot that loved it. all i know is that after i finished it, i spent months afterwards trying to find books as good as it.

i’d love to know some of your favorite books that maybe aren’t extremely famous! i’m always on the look out for amazing books that all of america isn’t also reading :)


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