friday finds.. none!

time for friday finds! this is where you post the books you’ve put on your TBR (to be read) list. here’s my issue:

i can’t find any books that i’m dying to read!

this has always been an issue for me. sometimes it takes me longer to decide on a book to read than it takes to actually read the book! so here’s what i’m thinking. i would love some comments on what books you guys think i should read next. i want to read something that’s going to get my attention from the beginning, something that’s riveting and will make me want to never stop reading!


please comment and link to your friday finds and i’ll be sure to read and comment back! and i would LOVE it if you would follow me as well :)




2 thoughts on “friday finds.. none!

  1. I just finished a book that grabbed my attention right away, if you like books about witches in modern day, you should like it, here is goodreads link, called Wicked Sense
    and for a series I loved more than I can say, by Shelly Crane Significance series, there are 3 books so dar, 4th out this fall, and there is a free extra 3 chapters ebook too. for after the 3 are read. I loved them, starts with Significance, then Accordance then Defiance. Here is authors page at goodreads.
    and for another newer book, you may not have heard of, I really like The Violet Fox i am over halfway done, loving it so far, it hooked me when I read the free sample, then made sure to sign up for her book tour, so am doing that now (its out for purchase Oct 13). Here is goodreads page free sample here
    Hope this helps, come by my blog if you want, i have many books I rave about there, you never know, you may see something you like.

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